Monday, July 23, 2012

Homework Policy Preview

 Most of my videos are recorded by the students (if you couldn't tell already:). They had a fully functioning, student ran website they would use to post vocabulary and videos of class happenings. This way they could access all this information at home, and their parents could see what was going on in the classroom. Again, this was all student ran!

Here is one of my students from last year explaining how we used WBT homework policy.

Homework check was pretty simple after the first month of school. The most challenging part was training the first 2 leaders on how to be a checker. Once their rein of leader was done, it was their responsibility to train a new checker.

*Key thought: Make sure the checkers are there early in the morning in order to check all students in before homeroom starts. I would have students that would come in right before the tardy bell and would want to be a checker. Needless to say those students could not be checkers. I would also check in from time to time to make sure that not only the kids were really earning all the homework points, but to also ensure the checkers were doing their job. I had the checkers initial where they circled the amount of points earned in case there were any questions, we would know which checker to ask.

The kids did great with this, and it was nice for teacher as well not to have to train all 25 students in the classroom!

We adjusted the policy to best fit the schools homework standards and each teacher's expectations as well when assigning how many points the homework would be worth.

I thought this would be a good video to post because it gives a nice visual of the student's homework folder with the tracker inside. It also shows how the students kept track of the points on the board each day.

If anyone has any questions about this policy please let me know because it does work great!

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