Monday, July 16, 2012

My First Year Using WBT.....a Look Back:)

Here is a video of one method I used to practice the 5 rules at the beginning of the year. The rules were still very new, so we needed practice. One issue I experienced with my students was when we were transitioning any where they were talking in the hall, running their hands down the walls, or touching the person next to them all which resulted in disruption. Using this method worked GREAT!! Not only were they practicing the 5 rules but it was keeping them engaged while walking through the halls.
We did not do this every time in the hall, but any time I thought necessary the students knew right what to do.
We also would pick class leaders to lead the rules when going down the hall. Students were always eager to do so because they got to not only lead the class, but they got to walk backwards down the hall! Sounds silly I know but they loved it!

One of my favorite moments of the 5 rules was about mid year when we were studying collecting data and showing results. The students could choose any topic they wanted as long as the data was collectible. A group of boys decided to ask all the third grade students which were all using WBT, which one of the 5 rules were their favorite. Results found that Rule 5- Keep Your Dear Teacher Happy was the most liked rule in third grade! Probably because we had so much fun with this rule throughout the year ;)

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