Thursday, July 19, 2012

Prove It!

Here is a video of Prove It early on in the school year. This is a quick look at what the students would do to prove a problem was correct and why the other were incorrect.

You will see on their boards that most circled the correct answer and began by proving why it was correct. The next step was to prove why the other two choices were incorrect.

Having the "because clapper" will be GREAT this year to use during Prove It! At the beginning of the year students typically struggle in explaining why something is correct and an even more difficult time proving why the others are incorrect. This truly helps them with this problem.

I also have some new components to Prove It that I plan to use this year to break each problem down even more.


After the students were done, I would have the class close their eyes and raise their hand for which problem they thought was correct. I would do a quick bar graph on the board to show how many thought A, B and so on. The kids loved to open their eyes and see the results. It was often a competition to see if the whole class would agree :)

Students would then go around the class and prove their boards. It would sometimes result in great discussion on why one was correct and others incorrect. This really made the kids think at a higher level, not only by answering on their own board but by arguing if they disagreed with another student.

We had plenty of problems to use all year. I would also throw in some fourth and even fifth grade problems to have more exposure to what lie ahead of them.

I love Prove It and will be posting more videos of my new class this year ;)

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