Monday, July 23, 2012

The Bullseye Game

So what happens when you have one student that does not seem to care if they break a rule, or doesn't mind staying in for recess to do practice cards? I have your answer, the Bullseye Game.

Above you will see the visual I displayed in my classroom on the front board. Of course, the target got the attention of every student in the room including the one it was directed to! I left the target up there for a few days to build their curiosity of what we would be doing with the target.

I later told my students that it would be for one very special student. My team teacher and I later met with that student alone and told him the rules of the Bullseye Game. He was so excited!

The second picture is the sheet I used to show how many points he earned on a daily basis. The bigger the sticker, the more points. The highest amount of points got him the wrestling stickers. Wrestling was one of his favorite topics, so using those types of stickers worked great.

Two things amazed me the most when using this...

1. His ability to self assess and to score himself was incredible. This really made him reflect on his actions throughout the day. The entire time we used this, he was ALWAYS within a point of what the teacher was thinking.
2. This game WORKED. Not only did this fix the targeted goals we were working on, but it assisted in improving his overall work ethic and behaviors in the classroom.

Two thumbs up to the Bullseye Game!!

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