Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The one, the only.....MIND SOCCER!

Can you tell that I love videos of my kids! I figure there is not a better way to capture great moments in the classroom without using a video camera!

Here is my wonderful class playing Mind Soccer. I introduced Mind Soccer to them by watching Chris Rekstad's class playing the game on You Tube. My students were on-board to do whatever they needed to in order to play.

We used WBT homework policy to set up guidelines for the amount of time students had to play mind soccer. Students could earn points on a daily basis by completing homework. They could also earn bonus points by taking an extra homework assignment. Nothing to big, a basic review of whatever we were working on in class. I found the Daily Math pages a great tool to use for bonus points because they had 5 review questions to do each day.

Students were assigned as homework checkers. Their job was to record how many points each student earned. We had a recording sheet in their homework folder to use to keep track of daily points. The checkers would then total the class's points and find the percent of how many points were earned.

The higher the percent, the more time they earned for Mind Soccer on Fridays.
This worked GREAT, ALL YEAR LONG. It was never a fight to get homework done!

We would also recognized students based on how many points they earned daily. This was great for the students that earned 3 points (typically the most you could earn on a day), but not so great for the ones that broke rule 4 &5 and decided not to do their homework. This put just enough pressure from their peers to make sure they earned some points for their team the next day.

I would encourage this to any classroom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mind Soccer!!


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