Thursday, July 26, 2012

Super Improver Wall

Here is a student made video of our Super Improver board from last school year. Students names were on the board on frog cutouts. To earn stickers on their name they would need to improve in something. I used this for improvement academically, socially, organization, or behavior. This way my lower students had the same chances as my highest students to earn stickers.

I met with each student briefly to discuss what they needed to improve in. They would first earn five stickers then we would flip their card over. They would then earn five more and earn a picture facing backwards. Then five more and their picture was flipped. Five more then they got to take a picture with a friend. It was up backwards until they earned five, then five more stickers on the front.

This was the first time we used Super Improver. It was a bit tricky because I team teach and switch classes. We were not real sure on how to keep track of stars with the other classroom that was not our homeroom.
This year however, my entire grade level attended the WBT conference and we are all on the same page on how to use Super Improver for this upcoming school year.

I loved at the conference how there were different levels based on color displayed on the board. I also like the organization by having the kids name on the board alphabetically so finding their names are easier. My favorite was when a student was rewarded "Living Legend" that their photo stay up for the next years students. My kids stay in the building for two years when they leave my room. I want to leave those legends up until they leave the building so they can stop back and see the influence they have on my new students each year.

My team teacher and I are also all set and organized on how we will track stars from class to class. Students now have to earn 10 stars instead of five. This gives more opportunities for students to earn stickers. I am predicting this will be a great motivator during OAA prep and testing time. It seems as  students will do almost anything to earn stickers and move up on the Super Improver wall.
I am very eager to use Super Improver again this year. It worked great last year, and I am sure it will work even better this year!

Here is a photo from the Walsh WBT conference on the different levels of the Super Improver Wall.

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