Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Math Power Pix

Here is a video my kids were making about our WBT classroom. We had the wonderful opportunity to present to our school board how we use WBT. My students decided to make a video of some of the different components we used in our class.

This was at the beginning of the year when they filmed. You will see, I saved the largest bulletin board in my class to display our Power Pix. I would line them up as we covered new areas in math. Once the pix were displayed, if we had down time, or I was preparing for a lesson, I would have the students teach their partner Power Pix. I would switch it up a bit to keep them focused on each specific concept.

Power Pix are great when learning ordered pairs too! Many students have a difficult time remembering which way to start when seeing ordered pairs. With Power Pix it becomes second nature from practicing so much. Once I would say practice A4, then go to B6. I would have the letters and numbers labeled to assist in where to go. We also did our own Power Pix for ordered pairs but going "right-up" by stepping to the right then jumping up.

These worked great all year. Yes, they are California based standards, but many correlated to Ohio's. If we were missing any, I would simply make one to fill in. It will be nice when we move to Common Core so we can have more to share:)

My kids also used the gestures of whatever Power Pix we were working on to post on their student web-site. We would have designated camera guys and gesture folks who would be in charge for the week. They would tape the new gesture and post it to their site. This was great for parents to see what we were working on that week, and to help with gesture practice at home.

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