Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Super Speed Reading

Here you will find a video of my third grade students participating in Super Speed Reading. I do not even teach reading, I teach math and science, but how can one resist such a fun skill building activity???

I implemented Super Speed Reading and Super Speed Math in my classroom and my students loved both of them. With Super Speed Reading, we would take turns by saying words back and forth for one minute. Students would mark where they left off, and try to beat their previous record.
 I love during the video of the conversations I would hear of my students comparing where each team would leave off. Super Speed Reading established a fun sense of competition in the classroom.

If you have never used Super Speed Reading before, you may be unaware of the term "zinger". These were non-sense words at the end of a set of words during the minute timings. The kids loved to reach zingers. Not only because it increased where they got to start during the next round of Super Speed Reading, but they got to say the silly zinger word as well!

Students also recorded where they left off each day on a star sheet. I would have them write down the number of the line and the word in which they left off. If they broke their record from last time, they would highlight their star. This was a quick and easy assessment for me to see who was beating records and who was not. The students thought it was a big deal to be able to highlight their stars :)
On days students were absent, I got to sit in on the fun and partner with students to participate.
I had so much fun as well trying to beat the previous record.

My third grade team mate and I started this mid year, due to the other WBT techniques we were trying. Needless to say this year we will start fresh at the beginning of the year.

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